Kenzo Tenma

Kenzo Tenma

    Monster (TV Show)

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Japan, where he was constantly at the top of his class. With his grades and intelligence, Tenma easily got into medical school, where he dedicated all his talents to learning how to help others.

Living… in Dusseldorf, Germany. After graduating from school, Tenma decided to move to Germany, where he currently works as a doctor at the prestigious Eisler Memorial Hospital.

Profession… brain surgeon. Though still quite young, Tenma has a promising future ahead of him. With the favor of Eisler Memorial's director and an engagement to the director's daughter, the doctor seems set to succeed Udo Heinemann as head of Eisler Memorial. However, whether Tenma's idealism will let him survive the ruthless, often-corrupt world of Eisler Memorial is another matter.

Interests… helping others. Tenma went into medicine because he wanted to help others, and so far, he's been glad of his decision. However, while Tenma may think all "human lives have equal value," his views are at odd with that of the directors at Eisler Memorial, who routinely prioritize rich patients over poor ones.

Relationship Status… engaged to Eva Heinemann, until recently. It isn't that Tenma stops loving the director's daughter, but rather that the two break after Tenma chooses to treat an unknown orphan over the mayor of Dusseldorf, who came in after the boy. The decision angers both Udo Heinemann and his daughter, but despite everything, Tenma remains comforted by the fact that he did the right thing.

Challenge… finding the boy he saved nine years ago – and killing him. When Tenma chose to treat an injured orphan over Mayor Roedecker, he would have never guessed that the ten-year-old he saved would later become a deadly serial killer intent on "thanking" Tenma. Now on the run from police who believe him guilty of Johan's crimes, Tenma is determined to track down and stop Johan Liebert – even if it means going against his deepest moral codes and killing Johan.

Personality… intelligent, compassionate, and idealistic. Though famed for his reputation as a skilled doctor, Tenma's acquaintances remember him more for his kindness and selflessness. Always willing to put others above him, he takes his job and his ideals very seriously, even as they are sorely tested. But for all the cruelty he encounters, Tenma remains steadfast in his belief that, "nobody has the right to take another life."   


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