Kenny Powers
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Kenny Powers

Eastbound & Down

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About Him

Living… in Shelby, North Carolina, after his Major League Baseball career ends. He moves in with his brother Dustin, his sister-in-law Cassie and their kids. He’s disappointed that while he was away, his reputation as a small-town legend vanished.

Profession… substitute physical education teacher at his former middle school, which doesn’t pay enough for the extravagant lifestyle he wants to uphold. He tries to cash in on his former baseball fame any way he can – merchandise, audiobooks, and celebrity appearances. But this is all just a pit stop until he’s back on a Major League mound. Kenny has a lightning-quick fastball that's even faster when he's not high or hungover – or both.

Interests... jet-skis, SUVs, booze, cocaine, and women – anything to distract him from how far he’s fallen and how hard it’ll be to get back to the Majors. Kenny talks a lot of trash. Profane, vulgar, disgusting trash that usually offends everyone around him.

Relationship Status... hopelessly in love with his high school sweetheart, April Buchanon. But wouldn’t you know it: she’s not too eager to jump back into the arms of an irresponsible alcoholic. She’s engaged to the principal of the middle school where they both work, and is rightfully weary of Kenny’s womanizing.

Challenge… negotiating life after baseball. “When my ass was 19 years old,” he says, “I changed the face of professional baseball. I was handed the keys to the kingdom.” Now he’s just another guy in nowhere, North Carolina with a day job and an unrequited love interest. How is he supposed to adjust to life outside the limelight?

Personality… narcissistic, pig-headed, and arrogant with little control over his addictions. The only thing keeping Kenny Powers from winding up dead in a gutter is his determination to succeed. Yet, under all the booze and drugs, there’s a real heart inside Kenny.  He desperately wants to be loved – he’ll even be caring and compassionate to his friends and family, if that’s what it takes.

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