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Living… in London. Originally from Ireland, Ken is posted up in Britain’s foggy capital. It’s a convenient city to travel from, and Ken’s work takes him all over Europe.

Visiting… the city of Bruges. Harry sent Ken and his partner Ray here to lay low after their most recent hit resulted in the death of an innocent bystander. Ken loves the quiet Belgian town and is eagerly playing tourist – taking architecture tours, visiting museums, and generally making the most out of his time in idyllic Bruges. Ray, however, is having quite the opposite experience, and says Bruges would only impress him if he “grew up on a farm and was retarded.”

Profession… hit man. Ken has been in the business of killing for money for quite some time, and has established himself as a competent lackey for the crime boss Harry. Because of his experience he was chosen to accompany a new assassin, Ray, on his first hit. Unfortunately, things went wrong, and Ray accidentally killed a little boy as well as his intended target.

Interests… culture. While Ken’s job isn’t the most cerebral or academic in the world, he still delights in learning new things. He’s particularly interested in medieval history and the works of Hieronymus Bosch.

Relationship Status… widowed. Ken was happily married at one point, but his wife was murdered back in 1976, and he’s never quite gotten over her.

Challenge… wrestling with his conscience. Ken and Ray were not actually sent to Bruges to lay low – they were sent there so Ray could have one last good experience before he was killed. Harry doesn’t tolerate men who kill children, and so he’s ordered Ken to murder his young partner. It wouldn’t be the first time that Ken has killed someone halfway decent – but it would be the first time he killed a friend. Ken needs to decide whether sparing Ray’s life is worth losing his livelihood and drawing the ire of one of the deadliest men in the UK.

Personality… polite, rational, and thoughtful. Ken is, at heart, an optimist (a trait that’s difficult for a hit man to hang onto). While he’s not unrealistic, he tends to see the world as a basically good place, and is able to draw pleasure from just about anything. It’s almost impossible to believe that the kind and unassuming Ken is a professional assassin – but that’s exactly what makes him so effective.

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