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About Him

Grew up… to be a jaded, sarcastic “freak.” Ken is known for his lack of patience and his almost constant grumpiness. He’s one of the most biting members of his school’s crew of freaks. 

Living… as if he’s constantly surrounded by idiots. Ken acts like he’d rather be anywhere else than in Chippewa, Mich. As he says, “I just wanna be older so I can go to bars. Everything fun in this world happens in bars.”

Profession… high school student. Ken, unlike most of his friends, comes from a fairly well-to-do family, which colors his lack of ambition in a different light. Ken can afford to be a bit of a burnout, as he plans to inherit his grandfather’s business and eventually sell it for a wild profit.

Interests… rock ‘n’ roll. Ken loves to rock and absolutely hates disco. His aggressive attitude may be a result of his interest in heavy metal music. Ken is never afraid of jumping in the mosh pit at a rock show.

Challenge… keeping Lindsay, a former “geek,” away from his group of friends and prevent her from ruining their band. “Lindsay, here’s an idea,” he says in his snide tone of voice. “How about you break up our band so you can make out with Nick?” Nick’s the drummer, and you can’t very well have a rock band without a drummer.

Personality… scathing and wry. Ken hates showing any hint of real emotion. He hides behind a mask of sarcasm and irony, and claims that any expression of love or loyalty is soft. That’s definitely not Ken’s way: “What do you think we are? Hippies?”

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