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Ken Masters

Street Fighter

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About Him

Grew up... Gouken’s student. Ken is the son of a wealthy hotel magnate. However, his father feared he would become spoiled, so young Ken was sent off to train with family friend and mysterious martial arts legend Gouken to become a more humble person.

Living... in America. Although his training abroad was hard at first, it made Ken a better man and earned him a lifelong friend and fighting rival in Gouken’s adopted son, Ryu. At age 23, Ken happily returned to America reborn.

Profession... master martial artist. Ken is one of the most skilled fighters alive, capable of performing spectacular Shotokan karate moves, such as flaming Shoryuken uppercuts and Hadouken energy blasts. He uses these abilities for sport as well as for fighting against evil forces.

Interests… self-improvement. Instead of fighting for domination, Ken trains only so he can become a better person who uses strength to maintain peace.

Relationship Status... married. After coming home, Ken met and fell in love with Eliza, the sister-in-law of fellow World Warrior, Guile. They soon got married and had a child, which almost ended Ken’s fighting career had Eliza not insisted he keep going.

Challenge... winning the World Warrior tournament. Ken wants to test how far his skills and training have progressed. And what better place to find worthy opponents than at the World Warrior Tournament, the gathering of top fighters – even if some combatants have less noble intentions. 

Personality... flashy. Unlike his stoic counterpart Ryu, Ken is brash and confident. As he says, “Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!” However, he’s also a just fighter with a good heart who deeply cares about his family and friends.

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