Mistborn:The Final Empire

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Grew up… hunted. He and his brother were half-noble children, illegal under the Lord Ruler’s reign. Kelsier and his brother escaped execution, but it left them with a hatred of noblemen, with Marsh becoming a revolutionary and Kelsier a thief.

Living… in Luthadel, the capital city and seat of the Lord Ruler’s power. Kelsier is determined to overthrow the tyrannical dictator, and he’s gathered a crew of skilled people he trusts. Most of them are Allomancers – people who can eat metal to gain magical powers.

Profession… Mistborn. Kelsier is an Allomancer too, but a rare kind called a Mistborn, who can use any of the metals instead of just one. This power gives Kelsier the abilities of ten regular Allomancers combined and is his key weapon in the revolution he’s planning.

Interests… justice. Kelsier can be charismatic, enjoying a drink and a laugh with his friends, but he never stops thinking about his goals.

Relationship Status… widowed, after a job gone wrong. While Kelsier and Mare were both sent to prison, Kelsier has always had a suspicion that his wife betrayed them, and it's a doubt that's shadowed his heart ever since.

Challenge… overthrowing the Lord Ruler. Everyone thinks he’s immortal, but Kelsier knows better. He even has a secret weapon to do the job – the fabled Eleventh Metal. Now Kelsier just has to figure out how to use it. Oh, and how to convince the downtrodden and hopeless peasants – the skaa – to participate in his revolution.

Personality… charismatic, dedicated, and optimistic. Kelsier can charm birds out of the trees, and he's always ready with a joke or a bon mot. He believes fiercely in the cause, but  he's also reckless and impatient, to the point of jumping alone into battle against an entire army. Kelsier might not feel bad killing noblemen, since he doesn't believe they count as real people, but he does have confidence in the skaa.

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