Kelly Taylor
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Kelly Taylor

Beverly Hills, 90210

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About Her

Living... in a mansion in Beverly Hills with all the material things she could ever want. But as the old adage says, money doesn’t buy happiness. With an absent millionaire father and an alcoholic mother who is also addicted to cocaine, Kelly is from a pretty unhappy home.

Profession.... sophomore at West Beverly Hills High. Although her profession is technically a student, she has another full time job: being the most popular girl at school. Believe it or not, it’s actually a lot of work and pressure.

Interests... hanging out with Donna and Brenda. Kelly has been friends with Donna for a long time, but she is more recent friends with Brenda who moved to Beverly Hills from Minnesota. Kelly feels like she needs to show naïve Brenda the ropes, and she enjoys spending time with Brenda’s parents who have welcomed Kelly into their family.    

Relationship Status… surprisinglysingle. One of her longest relationships was with Steve Sanders, a fellow student at West Beverly. Steve was devastated when Kelly broke up with him, but he hasn’t stopped trying to get back together. Kelly’s other suitor includes David Silver, an energetic and geeky freshman. She broke his heart too, telling him that she does not imagine dating him in her “wildest, Freddy Krueger nightmares.” Yes, Kelly can be a bit cruel with others who are not as cool as her.

Challenge... finding herself. Kelly has had so much given to her, that she doesn’t always know what she wants. But she is trying to change that. Once Kelly found herself in a love triangle and rather than deciding on either of the guys, she told them both, “I choose me.”

Personality... a bit cold and self-centered. Kelly can be an “ice princess,” but just give her some time to defrost. She has a warmer and more caring side to her.  She’s also got a sarcastic wit and can be a lot of fun to be around.

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