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Kelly Radner


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Grew Up… to find that suburban, adult life is not as satisfying as she thought it would be. Kelly, a native of Australia, immigrated to the United States after marrying her buffoonish college boyfriend, Mac.

Living… in what they thought was a nice, middle-class neighborhood. Unfortunately, Kelly and her husband did not take into account their proximity to the local college. When the Delta Psi Beta fraternity buys the house next door, Kelly and Mac’s life is thrown upside down.

Profession… housewife and mother. Kelly has been given the difficult job of raising her newborn daughter, Stella, while Mac works at an office. Motherhood is a fulltime job, but Kelly insists on keeping her social life. She tells Mac, “Just because we have a house and a baby doesn’t mean that we’re old people.”

Relationship Status… married to Mac, whom she met while on an exchange year in college: “I was only supposed to stay a semester, but then he convinced me to stay around!”

Challenge… getting Delta Psi Beta out of her life so she can get some sleep for once. Having a newborn baby is difficult enough, but Kelly’s nights have become totally sleepless since the frat began making nonstop noise. On top of it all, the jovial partying next door reminds Kelly of all the fun she used to have before marriage.

Personality… raunchy and slightly immature. Don’t let Kelly’s delicate good looks fool you – she can talk trash just like one of the boys.

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