Kelly Kapowski
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Kelly Kapowski

Saved by the Bell

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Living… in a packed household in the Palisades in Southern California. Kelly is the oldest of seven kids, which can make for a madhouse at times. Her parents aren’t around too much, but Kelly doesn’t seem to be fazed by their absence. The family sometimes struggled financially, with Kelly once selling her prom dress to help them make ends meet.

Profession… the most popular girl at Bayside High School, which feels like a full-time job. Kelly is the head cheerleader and captain of Bayside’s swim, softball, and volleyball teams. She’s an accomplished student and widely admired by her peers, but she’s ended up in detention a few times, usually because of her friends’ hijinks.

Interests… cheerleading, swimming, and volleyball. Kelly also definitely demonstrates an intense interest in her hair, which is always impeccably done. She’s a fan of the singer George Michael, the beach, and gossip (though not quite as much as her friend Lisa Turtle).

Relationship Status… usually in a steady relationship with Zack Morris. There was at first a tense rivalry between Zack and then-new-kid A.C. Slater for Kelly’s affections, and Zack eventually won out. Kelly wasn’t sure if she was able to commit to a steady relationship, which gave Zack enough time to become interested in the school nurse. That eventually lead to their demise, but the feelings never left. Kelly dated her boss at a restaurant for a time, but it may have been her way of making Zack jealous.

Challenge… none really. She seems particularly blessed. It seems even when she loses, she wins. She was voted homecoming queen despite having a rash. She was treated to her own private prom when she couldn’t afford the real one. She’s had a uniquely blessed high school experience. 

Personality… the “It” girl. Kelly’s not quite as intellectually curious as her friend Jessie or as trendy as Lisa, but she’s the one you’d most like to hang out with. She’s kind and approachable, and doesn’t let her social status go to her head.

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