Kelly Booth

Kelly Booth

    Black Mirror

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Carson City, Nevada. But she’s now visiting the beach town of San Junipero once a week for a couple of months, just long enough to enjoy herself before she must leave. In San Junipero, she has a beach house all to herself, and it reminds her of where she grew up. 

Interests… dancing the night away and drinking Jack and Cokes. Kelly wants to live life to the fullest. 

Relationship Status… single. She recently had a fling with Wes, and their relationship was exclusively a sexual one. The two met at the Quagmire, a nightclub where everything goes, including S&M and orgies. Before Wes, she was married to Richard, someone she was deeply in love with and loyal to, but the two were separated for reasons out of their control. 

Challenge… developing feelings for Yorkie, a tourist. They met in a bar, and the two can’t get their minds off each other. Yorkie is Kelly’s opposite: shy, innocent, and sweet. Kelly is helping her come out of her shell. 

Personality… bold, attentive, and sociable. Kelly can easily make others flustered. Her charisma is magnetic, and she commands the attention of everyone she meets. She always wears the flashiest, glittering pieces of clothing, and does so proudly. Kelly is not a stranger to pain, so she avoids any scenario that has the potential to hurt her even in the smallest way. This can make her come across as standoffish, but she is just protecting her heart from being hurt. Kelly centers all decisions in her life that carry the most impact around the people that she loves. Regardless of how her relationships turn out, once Kelly chooses to love someone, she never stops.


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