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Keller Dover


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Living… in Conyers, Pennsylvania, with his wife, son, and daughter. His daughter Anna has been missing for four days now. She and a friend were playing in Fairmount Circle, an adjacent neighborhood, when they disappeared without a trace.

Profession… carpenter. He’s barely getting enough work to make his mortgage payments. He’s sitting on some family real estate but it’ll cost a fortune to fix up. As always, you need to spend money to make money.

Interests… his daughter. Any thoughts of fun have become secondary to her safety. He’s been collecting his own evidence; nothing that could hold up in a court of law, but enough for him to be sure he’s got the right man. Now he wants Franklin, whose daughter was abducted with Anna, to help him.

Relationship Status... married, but strained. His daughter’s abduction has caused Keller to resort to deceit and secrecy. He’s been throwing away the newspaper to keep his wife from knowing the direness of the situation. He’s been withholding information from her. She doesn’t know they found her daughter’s bloody clothes. Rather than supporting her, he’s coming home drunk every night.

Challenge… pursuing justice at whatever cost and getting his daughter home safe. The police consider Alex Jones too dumb to abduct anyone. They can’t place him at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile he continues to taunt Keller with his cryptic statements. Keller doesn’t have the time or the patience to let the system take its course.

Personality… alert, prepared, and cynical. He inherited these qualities from his father, who taught him to always be ready for the worst and to question the inherent goodness of people. They’ll turn on you on a dime.

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