Keith Mars
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Keith Mars

Veronica Mars

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About Him

Grew Up… outside of Neptune, unlike his wife Lianne who went to Neptune High.

Living… a disgraced life in Neptune, CA. Keith used to be the town’s beloved sheriff. When Lilly Kane was murdered, he suspected Lilly’s father of killing her. This accusation caused the entire community to turn against him and he was removed from office through an emergency election. Kieth was further discredited and alienated after Albel Koontz confessed to the crime.

Profession… owner and operator of Mars Investigations. Keith got his private investigator license and started the firm in order to sustain his family. He is now considered the best private investigator in Neptune. Despite being shunned by the entire community, people who previously spoke out against him constantly seek his help. Keith rarely turns away a case because he wants to try to provide Veronica, his daughter, the lifestyle she once had.

Interests… cooking, Italian food, jazz music, and old detective films. Keith is a huge baseball fan and follows the Neptune Sharks religiously.

Relationship Status… newly single. The stress of his downfall caused his wife to abandon her family. After Lianne left, Veronica became Keith’s primary concern. Though several women show interest in him, Keith maintains that Veronica is still his number one girl.

Challenge… secretly solving the Lilly Kane murder. Keith’s priority is to work on cases that bring in revenue – but as Veronica later finds out, Keith is still actively investigating the case. He tries to keep the case away from Veronica, hoping that her life will return to some semblance of normalcy. 

Personality… determined, loyal, and sarcastic. At work, where most of his clients are shady individuals, Keith can come off as cold and hostile. Underneath it all, Keith is a good guy who loves and cares for his daughter.

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