Keith Charles
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Keith Charles

Six Feet Under

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About Him

Grew up… in San Diego. Keith, who studied Criminology at West Point, grew up to be a chivalrous and caring man. As a police officer, he’s made a career out of protecting others.

Living… out of the closet. Keith came to terms with his sexuality years ago, and he’s trying to find a way to convince his lover, David Fisher, that the rest of the Fisher family needs to know the truth about their relationship. “I know where you are,” he tells David. “I was there. And I’ll wait for you because I love you. But I’m not moving backwards for anybody.”

Profession… officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. Keith sees it as his duty to help others, especially those close to him. David, most of all, is in need of rescuing. “David, I can help,” he says. “I’m a cop. That’s what I do for a living.”

Relationship Status… in a relationship with David Fisher. Keith respects David’s reluctance to come out to his own family, but as the years pile on, it becomes more difficult for Keith to shoulder the burden of David’s lie.

Challenge… overcoming homophobic prejudice and helping David on his path to being honest about himself. Keith is unashamed of his sexual preferences, and he wants to lead by example in order to show David that it’s okay to be gay. “I have a boyfriend,” Keith says forcefully. “I sleep with men, okay? I have a lot of sex, and it’s really, really gay.”

Personality… strong, supportive, and proud. Keith’s generosity and kindness are what led him to become a police officer and what make him the perfect match for the uptight and strict David. The main thing that Keith lacks is patience: he wants David, the love of his life, to hurry up and come out of the closet.

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