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Kaz Nicol

Beyond the Lights

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About Him

Overview... a young, ambitious police officer. Kaz is the sort of guy who has his whole life planned out: He’ll pivot his impeccable police record into a successful political career. But that all changes when Kaz is assigned to the security detail of an effervescent but troubled pop star named Noni and winds up rescuing her from a suicide attempt.

Personality... dependable, compassionate, and charismatic. Though Kaz’s father is sure his son is destined to be a leader, Kaz is happiest when he’s acting as a caretaker. It’s that desire to help people that led Kaz to his career as a police officer and it’s what draws him to look out for Noni as well. But thankfully Kaz doesn’t take himself too seriously – he’s warm, romantic, and occasionally quite silly. 

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Kaz Nicol
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