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Kaylie Russell


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Overview… a strong-willed young woman tortured by her family’s mysterious and violent past. Kaylie was eleven-years-old when her parents started to go insane. Her father chained up their mother, tortured her, and eventually murdered her. He was ready to kill Kaylie as well, but her brother Tim shot him first– which landed Tim in a mental institution for the next eleven years. With Tim gone, Kaylie spent the time researching the bloody history of “The Lasser Glass”– an antique mirror in her childhood home that she believes uses supernatural powers to drive people mad. Now that Tim has been released from his psychiatric treatment, Kaylie is ready to enlist his help to prove that the Lasser Glass was responsible for her family’s crimes – and then kill it.

Personality… loyal, focused, and headstrong. Kaylie shows no signs of trepidation at the prospect of taking on the supernatural. While she’s carved out a good life with a loving fiancé, she can’t let go of the past. She believes that the Lasser Glass ruined her life, and will do whatever it takes to clear her family’s name– even if it means risking her life.

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