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Living... in rural Ontario, with her brother Wayne. Katy shares her brother’s sense of small-town living. They live in an unglamorous house by their farm and are constantly being visited by their friend Daryl, who never knows when it’s time to go home.

Profession... working the produce stand with her brother and friends, although she doesn’t really do much work. She’s usually just sitting in a lawn chair having aimless conversations about trivia, punctuated by her co-workers farts, burps, and flirtatious remarks (we’re looking at you, Squirrely Dan).

Interests... spelling and partying. She’s the winner of the Letterkenny Adult Spelling Bee nine years running. No one’s really sure why. Any time she’s not spelling, she’s probably having a raucous time out on the town with the boys.

Relationship status... extremely busy. Katy is always involved with multiple people, is into guys and girls, and is for all intents and purposes polyamorous. She was dating two jocks – Reily and Jones – and it wasn’t clear if either of them noticed she was dating both of them at the same time. She competes with Daryl for women from time to time, which makes everybody uncomfortable, most of all Wayne.

Challenge... finding her way in Letterkenny. Katy’s looking for the next step in her life. She answers modeling ads listlessly, meeting agents who want her to be a model, but she’s just not interested. She wants something that’ll challenge her.

Personality... ambivalent femme fatale. Katy will ruin your life on accident without even noticing. You’ll become completely obsessed with her and she’ll just move onto her next fling without batting an eye. It’s not like she means to break hearts; she just doesn’t want to get her hands too dirty. She always has to keep her cool, and that means she keeps a slight distance from people. That only increases her mysterious allure.

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