Kathy Nicolo
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Kathy Nicolo

House of Sand and Fog

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Overview… a recovering alcoholic who’s been living alone since her divorce. After falling behind on her taxes and neglecting the county’s warnings, her California home is put up for auction and purchased by Massoud Amir Behrani.  The house is one thing that still gave her a sense of security and family. Now, struggling with addiction while working as a housecleaner, she’ll go whatever lengths necessary to get the house back.

Personality… depressed, unlucky, and dependent. Kathy seems to be followed by misfortune, though she invites a lot of it through her self-destructive behavior. She feels entitled to the house for no discernible reason, yet it’s hard not to sympathize with someone who struggles so much. She lives a loveless life, partly because of her struggles with addiction, and partly because she doesn’t feel like she deserves it.

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