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Kathleen Kelly

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Grew Up… in her mother’s small children’s bookstore in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Kathleen and her mother were very close until she passed away. She misses her so much.

Living… in her cozy apartment. It’s the perfect place to relax with a comforting book. But as a small business owner, she spends a lot of time at work.

Profession… owner of The Shop Around the Corner, an independent children’s bookstore. Kathleen loves what she does; she loves making children’s lives more magical through books, the way her mother did for her. She is close to her employees and makes a fast connection to every child – or even adult – who walks in.

Interests… daisies, children, and literature. Kathleen especially loves Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Recently, she has been talking about books – and everything else – online, with a man whose username is NY152. The chat is anonymous, so Kathleen goes by Shopgirl.

Relationship Status… dating a journalist named Frank Navasky who is suspicious of technology and prefers writing on a typewriter. They’ve been together a long time, and though they’re perfect for each other on paper, they’re more like roommates than anything else. They still give each other advice, gossip, and bicker.

Challenge… withstanding Fox Books, the chain bookstore that is now competing with her own small shop. It’s hard to keep an independent bookstore running when such a strong business moves in next door. She’s angry at Fox Books, and she’ll have to put up quite a fight to keep her business afloat.

Personality… nurturing, introspective, and principled. Kathleen’s articulate, a natural communicator, and connects closely with words and language. She pays close attention to the little moments, which she loves to share with NY152, but also has an eye for the world and her place in it. She leads a modest life, and she sometimes wonders if she should have broadened her small world and taken bigger risks. 

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