Katherine Hernandez

Katherine Hernandez


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with her parents as she reluctantly finishes high school. Kat recently decided that she has lived the quiet, all-American life for too long. With this newfound spirit, she gives herself a head-to-toe makeover—one that is sure to make the neighbors stare. 

Profession… high school student, amateur erotica author, and part-time dominatrix. Kat isn’t the most popular girl at school, and the lack of attention in her real-life led her to the internet. Kat finds relief, and eventually confidence, through her online activities. At first, Kat just wrote One Direction smut for her Tumblr fans, but promises of quick cash lead her into the world of cam girls and leather corsets

Interests… clothes, boys, and the internet. Kat has invested a lot of energy into her fandoms and fanfic, but not much else. Eventually, she finds freedom in fashion. Then Kat starts turning heads on her way to Biology. Wearing skintight body suits, latex leggings, and threatening chokers, Kat has a new style that attracts more than a few suitors. 

Challenge… learning to love herself. Kat’s insecurities make real life a living hell. For years, she has been turning to the internet for comfort. No one in her life seems to love her for who she is, and no one online bullies her for her weight. When Kat starts to develop confidence, she realizes that “there is nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a f**k.” It’s just a matter of putting herself out there, which is easier said than done. 

Relationship status… single. Kat has always seen her weight as an obstacle to finding love. Little does she know that her attractive lab partner has been crushing on her all along. Kat’s journey isn’t just about loving herself; it’s also about letting other people love her back. 

Personality… sassy, bold, sweet and reserved. Kat puts up a front when she doesn’t feel comfortable; her alter ego is a dominatrix in every sense of the word. She is ruthless, charming, and likes to be the center of attention. But deep down, Kat craves intimacy almost as much as she fears it. When Kat feels safe, she is compassionate, vibrant, and the best friend you never knew you needed.


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