Katherine Hepburn
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Katherine Hepburn

The Aviator

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Grew Up… in a bourgeois environment. Her parents were very progressive, but also very protective of her and their wealth. Right after college, Kate went to Baltimore to pursue a career in theater. It wasn’t long before she rose to fame on the big screen and started starring alongside the best and brightest in Hollywood.

Living… as a Hollywood star. She could have anything she wants, and yet she finds herself attracted to the most unlikely of suitors: Howard Hughes. Howard isn’t an actor, or even a particularly normal person. He has made a name for himself as a producer and philanthropist, but seems to succeed at everything he does, and claims that his real passion is for aviation.

Profession… actress. She’s already the talk of the town when she starts seeing Howard. Her successful career gives her the confidence to do and say whatever she wants – even if it means offending some people along the way.

Interests… adventure. She’s not nearly as uptight or clean-cut as a most people would suspect, revealing to Howard that, “I take seven showers a day to keep clean. Also because I’m so vulgarly referred to as ‘outdoors-y.’ Well I’m not outdoors-y. I’m athletic.”

Relationship Status… dating Howard Hughes. He’s well known for his playboy persona, moving from actress to actress. But Kate has a way of pinning a man down. He’ll be with her as long as she wants him to.

Challenge… putting up with Howard’s “eccentricities.” He is a very strange man who finds the need to put cellophane on the steering wheel because of “the crap that people carry around on their hands.” As time passes, his OCD gets worse and worse, driving Katharine further and further away.

Personality… headstrong, chatty, and a force to be reckoned with. She is always carrying on a performance, and even when she swears she’s not acting, Howard says, “I wonder if you even know anymore.”

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