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Grew Up... as part of “The Big Three.” Originally part of a set of triplets, one of her brothers died in childbirth. To make their family whole again, her parents Jack and Rebecca decided to adopt a baby who had been left at a fire station on the same day. So Kate grew up alongside her biological twin brother Kevin and her adopted brother Randall.

Living... unhappily, in L.A. Kate is severely overweight and uncomfortable with her self-image. So on her 36th birthday she takes a hard look at her life and decides to make some changes.

Profession... personal assistant. Initially Kate works for her brother Kevin, who is a famous TV actor. But although she loves working with her best friend, the job also leaves her little time for herself. As she explains to Kevin, “I don't even know who I am if I'm not your sister.” So she sets out to find a job that gives her more of a sense of independence.

Interests... the Pittsburgh Steelers. She watched their games religiously with her dad growing up.

Relationship Status... cautiously dating. Kate meets Toby Damon at a weight-loss support group. Although he’s immediately smitten with her, she’s nervous about starting a relationship with someone while she’s trying to change her life. As she puts it, “I can’t fall for a fat person right now.” But Toby’s persistence and charm can’t help but win her over.

Challenge... learning to be the best version of herself. After years of being unhappy, Kate decides to finally lose the weight she’s embarrassed by. She joins a weight-loss support group and makes a serious commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. As she explains to Toby, “It's always going to be about the weight for me, Toby. It's been my story ever since I was a little girl.” But Kate also challenges herself to take more risks in other areas of her life too, like showcasing her beautiful singing voice and opening herself up to love.

Personality... timid, self-critical, and incredibly caring. Kate lacks a strong sense of self-confidence. She’s embarrassed by how she looks and scared to try things that take her out of her comfort zone. But although she struggles to love herself, she has no problem loving and caring for other people. She’s a rock for her two brothers and a competent no-nonsense assistant to boot.

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