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Grew Up… as the wild child in a family of four in Orlando. Kate and her sister Maura were famous throughout high school for throwing their legendary “Ellis Island” parties.

Living… in a room in her friend’s apartment, until she can afford a place of her own. There’s another room in this apartment for Kate’s teenage daughter Haley – if only Haley would stay with Kate instead of disappearing to unknown places. But Kate has to prove that she can be an accountable mom before Haley will trust her again.

Visiting… her childhood home in Orlando.Kate thinksthat her parents’ home might be the solution to her imminent eviction and her financial woes – that is until she learns that her parents have just sold the house. Now, she and Maura are going to throw one last epic Ellis Island party.

Profession… stylist. Sure, Kate may not keep her own nails very clean, and she may occasionally burn off clients’ eyebrows, and she may not be able to keep a steady job. But, she is passionate about looking good, and that’s what counts. Right?

Interests… alcohol, sex, and parties. Kate loves being the life of the party; she’s been known to scale fireplaces just for the adoration of cheering party-goers.

Relationship Status…single. Kate’s been through a lot of relationships, and she’s just looking to have fun. And the drug dealer who stopped by the party seems like he could be fun.

Challenge… getting her life together. Kate never really grew up from high school, and the effects of that are starting to impact her life in a big way. With no money and failing relationships, Kate’s got to get her act together. At least, after this party. For now, she’s got to throw the best party ever, despite the new homeowners and her high school nemesis Brinda lurking and trying to put the kibosh on things.

Personality… outgoing, crass, and fun-loving. Kate is always down to have a good time. But, when push comes to shove, she will always be there for the people she loves, especially her daughter and her sister.

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