Karkat Vantas

Karkat Vantas


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on Alternia, a planet perfectly suited for an aggressive and angry troll like Karkat. Unfortunately for Karkat, his blood color puts him at the bottom end of a society stratified by blood color. How far at the bottom is anyone's guess: Karkat's always been cagey about his blood color, and that certainly isn't about to change without something major happening first.

Living... on a meteor, with 11 of the most irritating trolls on this side of the galaxy. Admittedly, that's not such a hard feat, considering they're the only trolls left of their race, after Alternia was destroyed by the video game SBURB. But Karkat's still pretty sure his co-players are pretty high on the jerk meter. Admittedly, Karkat also calls his best friend "THE WORST THING A UNIVERSE WAS EVER RESPONSIBLE FOR," but the point still remains.

Profession... aspiring member of the threshecutioners. They’re an elite class of sickle-wielding troll enforcers – that is, until Alternia was bombarded by meteors. Now, all Karkat has left is his role as leader of the surviving trolls and his SBURB title of Knight of Blood, both of which seem frankly worthless right now.

Interests... practicing with his sickle, begrudgingly aiding his friends, and watching rom-coms. Really, really bad rom-coms, an interest of which Karkat refuses to be ashamed.

Relationship Status... hopefully involved with a fellow troll, Terezi Pyrope. She’s a feisty lawyer-in-training who, despite being higher than Karkat on the blood spectrum, doesn't seem to care much about it.

Challenge... helping the new SBURB players finish the game. Despite his dislike of these new "humans," Karkat knows they're probably one of his race's only chance left for survival – provided his co-players don't off each other first, that is. Alternia may be gone, but old grudges remain, and 12 teenagers cooped together is a challenge for any leader to handle.

Personality... belligerent and foul-mouthed, but a surprisingly good leader. Although grumbling and perpetually angry, Karkat is a lot less ruthless and a lot more caring than he pretends to be. Most of his crabbiness, in fact, seems to come from his own insecurities, primarily stemming from his blood color. However, Karkat's been starting to show signs of opening up about his secret – but only, as he says, "LATER. ONCE THEY RESPECT ME AS A LEADER."


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