Karen Page

Karen Page

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City.

Profession... legal secretary. Karen was working for a construction company called Union Allied, but when she uncovered massive corporate corruption someone from the company tried to have her framed for murder. Thankfully, newbie lawyers Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson helped prove her innocence and then took her on as their new assistant.

Interests... drinking away her troubles at Josie’s Bar, cooking her grandmother’s recipes, brushing up on her Spanish, investigating corruption, and helping people when she can.

Relationship Status... single. With her laser focus on battling the evil forces at work in Hell’s Kitchen, Karen doesn’t have a ton of time for romance. But she does have a close friendship with Foggy and a particular fondness for the uber-charming Matt.

Challenge... taking down corruption. As a victim of nefarious corporate dealings, Karen is determined to make sure no one else suffers the way she did. She wants justice and she doesn’t care about the rules she breaks or the danger she puts herself in to get it. While she often works with Foggy and Matt on their cases, she sometimes carries out her own work in secret, too. She enlists veteran journalist Ben Urich to help teach her the ropes of investigating criminal leaders without getting targeted by them.  

Personality... kind, quiet, secretive, stoic, skeptical, risk-taking, and ruthless when she needs to be. At first glance Karen seems like an innocent lost soul who’s struggling to make it in the big city. But underneath her sweet exterior, she’s tough, capable, and jaded. Rather than rely on others, Karen prefers to do things on her own. She’s mostly a loner, and Matt and Foggy are her only two real friends in the city. It seems like she may be running from some demons in her past, but it’s hard to say exactly what because she plays things so close to the vest. 


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