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Karen Sisco

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Living... dangerously. Taking after her father, who is a retired Miami police officer, Karen's job as a federal agent constantly puts her in perilous situations. As fond of $900 Chanel suits as she is of her Sig-Sauer .38 automatic pistol, Karen's proclivity towards risk extends to both her professional and personal life – a trait that her single father both admonishes and encourages.

Profession... U.S. marshal. While being briefly kidnapped by Jack Foley and his partner-in-crime, Buddy Bragg, Karen tells Foley that she became an agent to put away people like him. Well-versed in the story of Bonnie and Clyde – as well as a large range of other crime-centric romance films – Karen claims to be unimpressed with the criminals and unsympathetic towards their gruesome deaths. However, given her own romantic history, her chemistry with Foley, and her recklessness, one can't help but wonder if her words are overcompensating for her feelings.

Interests... guns and bad boys. Karen is a shotgun-wielding lady who is as knowledgeable about guns as any man in her profession, and probably more so. What sets her apart from other cops, however, is her penchant for dating the bad guys. Inadvertently or not, Karen can't help but get a thrill from her adventures with those on the wrong side of the law. Even Foley dares her to turn him in, sensing her moral ambivalence towards the situation: “You won't do that,” he says, “you're having too much fun.”

Relationship Status... perpetually falling for the wrong man. First there was bank robber Carl Tillman, then FBI agent Ray Nicolet, who was “technically” still married. And now there’s Jack Foley, the suave and handsome habitual bank robber and fugitive whom she is tasked to catch.

Challenge... bringing Jack Foley to justice. Although during their initial meeting she insists that she intends to send him back to the prison from which he escaped, their continued correspondence reveals strong chemistry that puts her heart at odds with her mission. Their obsession with one another does not bode well for either, and when it comes down to the wire, they have to figure out if their attraction is more powerful and important than their livelihoods.

Personality... sexy and determined tomboy. Her dad's only child, Karen is a football-watching, bourbon-drinking, gun-toting woman who likes to box and is trying to quit smoking. This makes her a formidable opponent for the many disreputable characters that she comes across. However, her pseudo-relationship with Foley makes her question what is and is not disreputable. Even as her father warns her that “there's a thin line between cowboy cops and armed robbers” when speaking about the FBI agent Nicolet and the fugitive Foley, Karen discovers that perhaps the line is just as blurred within her.

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