Karen McCluskey
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Karen McCluskey

Desperate Housewives

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Grew Up… in an earlier time when raising children was done right. Karen doesn’t appreciate the modern methods of parenthood advocated by her neighbors. For example, when it comes to sex education, her view is: “You tell them sex is dirty and wrong and he shouldn’t talk about it and if he does, he’s going straight to hell”

Living… amongst the horrible gossips on Wisteria Lane. Karen doesn’t enjoy being the object of attention, especially when it comes from scandal-loving, bored housewives. 

Profession… babysitter. Karen never got the inheritance she deserved from her deceased husband. Unfortunately, he forgot to amend his will, and ended up leaving most of his money to his first wife. Now, Karen has to put up with the annoying neighborhood children to earn extra money.

Relationship Status… widowed. Karen isn’t used to life as a single woman in the 21st Century. Things have changed since her days in the 1960s, when she was a Sears Roebuck catalog model.

Challenge… reconciling with her neighbor and nemesis, the “liberal idiot” Lynette Scavo. Karen hasn’t made life easy for Lynette since she and her family moved to Wisteria Lane, though Lynette’s unruly young children have a tendency to make Mrs. McCluskey’s babysitting jobs more difficult than they ought to be.

Personality… judgmental and rigid. Mrs. McCluskey isn’t crazy about modern times on Wisteria Lane. As a product of an earlier generation, she finds it difficult to adapt to her new single life at her advanced age. To her, it seems like the whole world has changed for the worse.

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