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Grew up... thousands of years ago, allegedly. Kane claims that he none other than the biblical figure Cain – the man responsible for the first murder in human history. While there’s no way to prove this, there are records of Kane helping Stalin and the Soviet government in the 1950s, and his physical appearance then is virtually identical to his appearance hundreds of years later.

Living... in Threshold 19. Originally a tower built in southern Italy by invading Scrin aliens, Kane and his followers later repurposed it into their own personal headquarters.

Profession... leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. Kane is the supreme leader of this global religious movement dedicated to himself and his teachings. Its radical beliefs on the economy, military, and science have made it quite popular.

Interests… studying Tiberium. Kane thinks all the violence over this powerful, mutagenic substance is pointless. So he wants to create a new race of immortal humans, immune to Tiberium’s toxic effects, which can fully harness its potential and create a paradise of unlimited resources.

Relationship Status... uninterested. Kane’s followers love him as their lord and savior, but he does not return the favor. While he will show some mercy and tolerance, Kane’s views humans as weak, petty, inferior creatures.

Challenge... achieving Ascension. Kane’s greatest desire is to achieve ascension, an event where he and his followers leave Earth behind by entering a Scrin portal. However, he must frequently put his plans on hold to deal with interlopers like armies and governments trying to stop him.                                                                            

Personality... evil genius. Kane believes that he is a god, and with his power, intelligence, and charisma, he has convinced countless others to worship him. That’s what makes him so dangerous. As he says, “You can’t kill the Messiah.”

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