Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen Stadtfeld

    Code Geass

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... half-Britannian and half-Japanese. However, Kallen only identifies as Japanese, calling herself only “technically half-Britannian." She hasn’t spent much time with either of her parents lately though, since the Britannian invasion of Japan has thrown her family life into chaos, furthering her hatred of both Britannia and her Britannian father. The conquered Japan is now called Area 11.

Living... a double life. Kallen technically lives on the campus of Ashford Academy, but since she's "sickly,” she often takes leaves of absence – during which she doesn't rest, but rather fights in the Japanese resistance. Under the command of Zero, the mysterious masked man who claims to fight for justice itself, the resistance is starting to win for once, and freedom has never tasted closer.

Profession... student when at school, formidable rebel in her spare time. Kallen's weapon of choice is her rusty but trusty Knightmare mecha – which is slightly ironic, considering the humanoid robots were the very weapons used to defeat Japan. She's a skilled pilot, staying to stay toe-to-toe with Britannia’s best pilots despite the age of her Knightmare. If she were to receive a brand new machine, painted red to match her style, she would be a terror to behold.

Interests... freeing Japan. Kallen has little interest in teenaged frivolousness, but in order to maintain her cover of a normal high school life, she has to reluctantly engage in campus life. With her excellent grades, many friends, and prestigious place on the student council, Kallen has no shortage of admirers – many of whom, frankly, she could do without.

Relationship Status... single, though she could fall for Zero if he managed to notice her. Unfortunately for her, a series of misunderstandings have led most of the student council to assume she's dating classmate Lelouch, whom Kallen sees as nothing more than just another Britannian brat.

Challenge... freeing Japan from Britannian rule.It infuriates Kallen that Britannian rule has reduced her people to nothing more than an identification number: "We are not elevens, we are Japanese!" Until Zero showed up, however, there was little she could do to change the situation. But with the masked man (Zero) on their side, the Japanese resistance now stands a chance of actually succeeding.

Personality... calm and mild-mannered while at school, but in actuality fiery, strong-willed, and quick to act. Though not so hot-headed that she'd blow her cover and more than capable of subtle subterfuge, Kallen's most at ease when the action's fast, furious, and dangerous.


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