Kafuka Fuura

Kafuka Fuura

Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei

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About Her

Grew up… with a bright view on life. Despite the fact that her parents sound less than stable, Kafuka adores them, talking cheerfully about her schizophrenic father and the time her mother was possessed by a demon.

Living... happily. What other way is there to live? Nothing can bring Kafuka down, even seeing her homeroom teacher Nozomu Itoshiki attempting to hang himself on the first day of school. After all, he wasn't really trying to hang himself, he was "just trying to grow taller!" Just like her father!

Profession… high school student for now, though she has biiiig hopes for the future. Time traveler, god, Pororocoian – all these are among the future paths Kafuka is considering. (Don’t bother Googling “Pororocoian,” she made it up.) But she's sure that with hard work, she can be any of them. As she puts it, "the possibility exists!"

Interests… finding the best in everything. From naming passing trees to calling stalking "deep love," Kafuka skips through life with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Somewhat ironically, she's also fond of Franz Kafka, especially The Metamorphosis.

Relationship Status… single, although she might have feelings for Nozomu, her teacher. That would hardly make her unique, though, since half the girls in class 2-He do, too.

Challenge… skipping through life even more optimistically. Indeed, “challenges” are for other people. To Kafuka, the world is a beautiful place, and besides occasionally having to stop Nozomu from trying to hang himself, she views her life as perfectly, wonderfully happy. Just like it should be.

Personality… relentlessly, unnervingly optimistic. Though she's cheerful and sweet, it's hard not to deny that Kafuka's way of looking at the world is a little... odd. And while Kafuka has a beautiful smile, it starts to become a little creepy when paired with the morbid things she so often says. It’s entirely possible that her surpassingly sunny worldview could someday come crashing down. And in that case, watch out.

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