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About Him

Grew up… in Japan. In university he made friends with a fellow student named Sumire, and she’s been his best friend ever since. When they're not writing letters to each other, Sumire is calling K from the phone booth outside her apartment.

Living… vicariously. K has a normal, stable life, but he’s been following Sumire's adventures as she travels across Europe with her new boss, Miu. Sumire is in love with Miu, which hurts K, but she writes so glowingly of their travels that K can't stop reading.

Profession… elementary school teacher. K is content with his job, although it doesn’t seem to be his calling.

Interests… reading, movies, and conversation. K has a deep respect for literature and art, and he finds a kindred soul in Sumire, who aspires to be a writer. Though K's an introverted person who generally prefers reading to conversation, Sumire is the one person he never tires of talking with.

Relationship Status… in love, but not with his girlfriend. K has been in love with Sumire for ages, but there seems to be no way that they’ll work out – she’s just not interested. So K has been secretly dating the mother of one of his students, but he doesn’t love her the way he loves Sumire.

Challenge… finding Sumire, and getting over her. Miu calls K to tell him Sumire went missing during their trip to a Greek island, and now he's leaving Japan to search for her. But even if he can find Sumire, will K be able to move on with his life and find someone else to love?

Personality… introverted and self-conscious. K doesn’t like to talk about himself much, believing that it’s impossible to give an objective description of your own personality. Although intelligent and thoughtful, he lacks the ability to act decisively, preferring to understand the world through cold facts.

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