Rogue One
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a reprogrammed KX-Series Imperial droid now serving the Rebel Alliance. K-2 works alongside the man who reprogrammed him, Alliance intelligence officer Cassian Andor. Their latest mission is to accompany Jyn Erso, a young jailbird, to chase the rumor that a defected Imperial pilot has a message from Jyn’s father, Imperial scientist Galen Erso, about how to defeat the Death Star super-weapon that Galen himself is building. Frankly, K-2 doesn’t think the chances of success are all that great. And as a droid, he has no problem with explicitly spelling out the slim odds for all to hear.

Personality... sarcastic yet loyal. K-2 has a lot more personality than you’d expect from a walking bucket of bolts, and he’s much funnier than Andor. (Though given how deathly serious Andor typically is, that’s a low bar indeed.) Still, K-2 would do anything for Andor, and you get the sense that it’s not just because he’s programmed that way. You’d swear K-2 has a real beating heart lurking somewhere in that seven feet of metal. 


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