Justin Foley

Justin Foley

    Thirteen Reasons Why

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the town of Crestmont. While on the outside it might seem like he hasn’t got a worry at all, he lives in a volatile home, with a neglectful mother who is seen with dangerous and violent boyfriends. To escape the hell of his own home, he can be found crashing at the pool-house of one of his teammates and best friends, Bryce Walker. 

Profession… star varsity athlete: a basketball player at Liberty High. He dons his LH basketball jacket with pride around the halls. Outside the classroom, he’s a partygoer and loves to mess around with his other athlete buddies. 

Relationship Status… single. He recently broke up with Kat, a girl that just left Liberty High. He is starting to take an interest in Hannah Baker, the new girl in town. 

Challenge… a bad night. Even though Justin made his advances obvious to both Hannah and his friends, no one knows what they did on their first date, or worse, what was to come after that night…

Personality… fun and outgoing. He’s always seen hanging out with the other student athletes by the lockers and is rarely seen without a smile. And Hannah will tell you that that “damned smile” is pretty good looking. But Justin is starting to face some challenges that are taking the smile off his face. 


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