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Poetic Justice

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About Her

Living… in South Central Los Angeles, where she’s often alone, laying around, thinking. She struggles with figuring out “how to find [her] soul a home. Where water is not thirsty. And bread loaf is not stone.”

Profession… hair stylist at a salon. That's where she gets badgered by Jessie all day about getting a man. She’s still wearing black to work since her break-up. She doesn’t even make time to do her own hair. She’s got no time for a man right now.

Interests… writing poetry. As she’s slowly learning, “Writing ain't poetry if it's someone just talking about himself. You gotta have something to say. Somethin' different, a perspective. A voice. I write about what's in my heart. I don't really need anyone to be watching.”

Relationship Status… recovering. She’s only went out with one guy. He was her first boyfriend – her first love. But she feels with the depth of a poet: “Love is a juice with many tastes. Some bitter, others sweet. A wine which has few vineyards. Love by nature, exacts a pain unequalled on the rack."

Challenge… finding her place in this world. Her first boyfriend used to get into a lot of trouble, enough to get him killed when he tried to jack the wrong person. Justice invested all her love and time into someone who didn't even value himself. Now she doesn’t know what she values most. She doesn’t want to fall in love with someone else who will disappoint her.

Personality… intelligent and deep, but introverted. Since her boyfriend’s death, fun seems impossible, even selfish. She sees the world as a playground for us to go out and mess up in. She values experience. She doesn’t want to end up a spinster, but she fears the pain that comes with experience.  She thinks there's already enough pain that will find you without you having to look for it. 

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