June Cash
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June Cash

Walk The Line

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About Her

Grew up… singing with her family in Virginia. The Carter Family used to travel all around America singing folk songs.

Living… on the road. Or, as she puts it, “on a tour bus with eight stinkin’ men.” June came out of semi-retirement in order to tour with the charismatic country singer, Johnny Cash. While June acknowledges Cash’s talents and charms, she becomes upset with his bad habits.

Profession… singer and songwriter. June helped write some of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits, including the legendary tune “Ring of Fire,” a song about the troubles of falling in love. It’s something they know a lot about.

Relationship Status… divorced. Johnny Cash began to pursue June relentlessly after she and her husband, the singer Carl Smith, split up. But June knows better than to get involved with the married, drug addicted Cash. Setting him straight in a moment of exasperation, she says, “Rule number one: don’t propose to a girl on a bus, you got that? Rule number two: don’t tell her it’s because you had a bad dream.”

Challenge… guiding Johnny towards sobriety. Johnny claims to love June more than anything, but she knows that drugs and alcohol will always be the Man in Black’s first priority.

Personality… tough, resilient, and beautiful. June is the perfect foil for the wild and tempestuous Johnny. Her level-headedness is precisely what Johnny needs.

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