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Juliette Barnes


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About Her

Grew up… with a father who was a drug addict and a mother who asked for handouts to feed their family.

Living... in Nashville, but she is not there much. She practically lives on private jets.

Profession... pop singer with a country twang. She has the number one Billboard slot as the newest, hottest thing in country music. She’ll bring dancers on tour and make her show a spectacle – which the Nashville’s old guard originally hated. When she started making millions, record executives changed their tune and began to pressure the older Rayna James to adopt a similar style.

Interests… working hard to remain number one. Juliette came from nothing – from people who abandoned her, didn’t believe in her, and told her she’d never make it. Now, she wants to prove them wrong and is willing to do anything to do so.

Relationship Status... single and looking for love. Unfortunately, she’s young enough to make a lot of silly decisions – like sleeping with those she shouldn’t.

Challenge... being taken seriously. Her album and tour sales speak for themselves, but she could do better in terms of critical reception. She is also magnetically attracted to scandal, and apologetic appearances on Good Morning America only work for so long.                               

Personality... tough on the outside but deep down just lonely and looking for guidance. Her parents abandoned her and left her longing for stability in her personal life. She sings “Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again,” but it sounds more like wishful thinking than a defiant declaration.

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