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Love Actually

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Living… in London with her husband, Peter. Juliet is a newlywed who is ready to settle into a life of domestic bliss.

Interests... banoffee pie. A decadent combination of banana, toffee, cream, this delicious dessert is one of Juliet’s favorites. She’d offer you some of her share, but “you’d have broken [her] heart if you’d said yes.”

Relationship Status… happily married. Juliet and Peter had a marvelous wedding thanks to the groom’s best friend, Mark. He orchestrated most of the ceremony, throwing together a surprise pop-up band and recording the proceedings for posterity on a videocamera.

Challenge… getting Mark to like her. He may be Peter’s closest friend, but he is completely distant when it comes to Juliet: “You never talk to me. You always talk to Peter. You don’t like me.” She’s determined to win him over though. Perhaps a complimentary slice of banoffee pie will get her into his good graces.

Personality… sweet, cheerful, and genial. With her radiant smile and bright eyes, Juliet possesses plenty of girlish charm. But, for some reason, it appears to have little effect on Mark. At least, that's how it appears to Juliet. 

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