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Living... on the island – though she wasn’t a passenger on the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. She was recruited by the seemingly ageless Richard Alpert to work as a fertility expert on the island years before that plane went down. She is given a nice house and an intriguing medical mystery to solve. But it turns out that it isn’t a job, or an island, that’s easy to leave.

Profession... fertility specialist. She’s tasked with answering the question: Why can’t women on the island get pregnant? Before travelling to the island, she was a medical researcher in Miami. When her sister Rachel was unable to conceive after aggressive cancer treatment, Juliet did private research to beat Rachel’s infertility.

Interests… getting off the island. She knows it’s possible – she travelled there without the aid of a horrific plane crash – but Ben, the leader of the Others, won’t let her go. He resorts to blackmail by threatening the well-being of her sister. Is he bluffing?

Relationship Status... checkered. She has no problem starting relationships, but getting them to last without tragedy intervening has proved difficult. Juliet was married to her boss Edmund in Miami, joking she would only take Richard’s offer to come to the island if Edmund were hit by a bus. (Take one guess what happened next.) Her romances on the island have also been fraught with huge complications, but that doesn’t stop a trail of suitors. Who might be next? Determined surgeon Jack, slick con man Sawyer, or someone else?

Challenge... plenty. Start with her job, getting over her husband’s death, and not being able to leave the island – Juliet has as many challenges as anyone on the island. Luckily, the 815 survivors want to get off the island just as much as she does, so she may have found an unlikely group of allies.

Personality... tough, intelligent, and resourceful. She is smarter than any doctor Ben and Richard had recruited to the island previously, and she is a stone-cold, terrifying interrogator, which comes into play when the pregnant survivor Claire is discovered. Ben is trying every trick in the book to force her to stay on the island, but he may have underestimated the threat that Juliet could pose as an enemy.

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