Julie Vignon de Courcy
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Julie Vignon de Courcy

Three Colors: Blue

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About Her

Living… for a while with a successful husband and daughter she loved. But her whole world falls apart after surviving a car accident in which her husband and five-year-old daughter were killed. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt in the hospital, she decides to take a new apartment in Paris and leave all her material possessions behind.

Profession… composer. Julie’s husband was one of France’s most renowned composers, though there has been some suspicion that Julie was the one who actually composed his music. At the time of his death, he was working on an important piece in honor of the unification of Europe.

Interests… solitude. Julie wants nothing more than to keep to herself. She does not admire the gossipy women who live in her new building. And she even has unwelcome roommates: mice who inhabit her new apartment. 

Relationship Status… starting over. Julie is not ready for a new relationship. Nevertheless, she is being pursued by Benoit Regent, her husband's musical assistant, who is in love with her. 

Challenge… beginning her life anew. As much as she tries to live a hermetic existence, Julie keeps being confronted by specters from the past. It seems that she’s managed to unwittingly unearth a few secrets about her beloved husband.

Personality… curt, quiet, and solemn. Julie is not afraid to let the world know how she feels inside. Her aloofness can easily be mistaken for rudeness, like when she explains her newfound nihilism to a young boy: “Nothing is important.” She is deeply depressed – as blue as you can be.

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