Julie Taylor
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Julie Taylor

Friday Night Lights (TV)

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About Her

Living… in Dillon, Texas. Julie is less than enthusiastic about moving to the small, football obsessed town – caring little about the sport herself. This makes her a social outcast not only in the town but also in her own home.

Profession… student at West Dillon High School. Julie cares a lot about her studies, and is a member of the school’s dance group.

Interests... the typical vices of a teenager in the throes of rebellion. She passionately dislikes football, and is even unwilling to have lunch with any member of the football team. Mainly what she’s interested in is freedom.

Relationship Status... single, but Matt Saracen, the new Dillon quarterback, is interested in her. Initially she is hesitant to date a football player, but Matt seems to have good intentions and genuinely cares for her.  

Challenge… gaining trust and independence from her parents. Julie feels trapped in her current surroundings, yet doesn’t have a clear path for her future.

Personality… confused. Julie is desperately trying to find a place and a sense of self to call her own upon her family’s move to Dillon. She shares an outsider mentality, yet also strives for acceptance from her peers. She’s lived a relatively sheltered, privileged life, and she’s hungry for experience. She knows what she doesn’t want but isn’t entirely sure what she does want. This drives her parents crazy – which in turn frustrates her further.

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