Julie Kessler
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Julie Kessler

Difficult People

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About Her

Grew Up… with a loud, overbearing therapist mother who never gave her enough attention. Julie would probably say that her mother is reason she now feels the need to get attention and validation from strangers through her humor. But it’s O.K., she can joke about it.

Living… with her boyfriend in a colorful New York City apartment that they really can’t afford. Most of the time, though, she’s hanging out with her best friend Billy.

Profession… comedian and writer. At least, she would be if someone would just hire her. Julie and Billy do their best at open-mic nights together, hoping that someone will notice them. When she’s not getting financial help from her mother, she writes reality show recaps online to help pay the bills.

Interests… making fun of children, eating chicken fingers and other juvenile cuisine, and spending time with Billy, whether that’s at a club or on her couch.

Relationship Status… dating Arthur, who works for PBS and usually fails in his attempts to expose Julie to the more refined aspects of culture. Arthur always cooks for Julie and is always there to listen to her vent.

Challenge… trying to make it as an entertainer and wondering why people won’t just give her her due. It’s also hard for Julie to deal with the rest of the world when it’s filled with such inane people who seem like they’re just waiting to be mocked.

Personality… snarky, brassy, and, well, difficult. Julie is extremely self-absorbed, making it hard for her to see past herself to understand why she has trouble succeeding. But, she is also naturally funny, and there’s a chance that she and Billy will make it after all.

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