Julie Cooper
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Julie Cooper

The O.C.

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Grew up… on the wrong side of the tracks. She was raised in middlebrow Riverside, Calif., which Julie worries colors her as “white trash” to the residents of wealthy Newport Beach. She never saw herself as a Riverside type, and always had aspirations for something a bit more luxurious.

Living… her dream life as an important woman in Newport Beach society. She has two beautiful daughters, a wealthy (for now) husband and the freedom to do whatever she pleases. Julie, however, tends to take her lifestyle for granted.

Profession… none. Julie is a professional housewife who spends more time at the spa than she does taking care of household chores.

Interests… money, power, and sex. Julie dated her way to the top, but at least she’s honest about it. However, life among the wealthy and powerful is turning out to be a bit more intense than she bargained for.

Relationship Status… married to Jimmy Cooper, with two children. As perfect as her life is now, Julie can’t help but reminisce about her younger days of “a little Motley Crüe and a lot of Jäger.” But if her husband’s financial and legal concerns grow, she’s going to be even more nostalgic for the past.

Challenge… maintaining the leisurely lifestyle that she has become accustomed to. Julie has had to manage “more than her share of scandal” in a fairly short lifetime, which means that she’s willing to do anything to make sure that her daughters have a better life than she had growing up. If Jimmy’s no longer up to the task of providing that life, maybe some other man can.

Personality… manipulative, sexy, and cynical. Julie may not believe in true love, but she does believe in financial security. Whenever she finds herself in a tough spot, she knows that she’s never far from another lonely, wealthy man. She once said, “In a world of wealth and luxury, the only thing worth pursuing is a soul mate.” She meant it, too, because for Julie a “soul mate” is someone who provides wealth and luxury.

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