Julianne Potter

Julianne Potter

    My Best Friend's Wedding
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… a glamorous, bachelorette life in New York City. Julianne, or “Jules” as her friends call her, is a restless soul, always on the lookout for new, exciting experiences. Though Jules has been getting a bit wistful recently – she’s been reminiscing about all the good times she’s had with her best friend, Michael.

Visiting… Chicago, to sabotage Michael’s glamorous wedding. When Jules receives an unexpected call from her old friend informing her that he’s met the perfect woman, her jealous instincts kick in and she realizes that she’s loved him all along.

Profession… restaurant critic. Jules is feared by New York’s talented chefs. With one swoop of the pen, she can make – or ruin – a chef’s reputation.

Relationship Status… single. Jules has been a free spirit for most of her life, but she has always known that she can count on her friend Michael for a bit of male companionship whenever she needs it. “We’ve seen each other through everything,” she says of her best friend. “Losing jobs, losing parents, losing lovers. Travelled all over. Best times of my life.” But if Michael is married to someone else, he might not have time for her anymore.

Challenge… winning Michael back from his “perfect” fiancé, Kimmy. As she tells her editor, George: “I’ve got exactly four days to break up a wedding, steal the bride’s fella, and I haven’t one clue how to do it!” Jules knows (or is convinced, anyway) that Kimmy is all wrong for Michael, but she hasn’t really stopped to ask the question of whether or not she is even right for him.

Personality… funny, neurotic, sexy and slightly manipulative. Jules is just about as sly as they come. She’s a city slicker with little tolerance for BS who can chum around just like one of the guys. The trouble is, she just doesn’t know what she wants until she can’t have it.


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