Juliana Craine

Juliana Craine

    The Man in the High Castle

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the Japanese Pacific States after the Axis powers won during World War II. Her father fought and died in the war. 

Living... in the Japanese Pacific States in the city of San Francisco. She lives with her boyfriend Frank who is hiding the fact that he is Jewish from the government as the Japanese are still aligned with the Nazis who rule over the eastern United States. 

Profession... unemployed. She is searching for a job, but at the moment she is supported by Frank, her mother Anne, and her stepfather Arnold. 

Interests... the Japanese art of self-defense called Aikido. She frequents a dojo almost every day. 

Relationship status... in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Frank. Frank works at a factory, and he often creates art and jewelry for Juliana in his free time. 

Challenge... living in a world where the Nazis and Japanese rule over their citizens with fear. After a mysterious encounter with her stepsister Trudy, she is now in possession of films that portray the world as if the Nazis and the Japanese lost the war. With the Nazis and Japanese authorities searching for her and the films, she is on the run. But she doesn’t want to live that way anymore. As she says, “running away isn’t the same as being free.” Juliana wants answers, and she’s not going to stop until she gets them.

Personality... independent, curious, and sociable. After seeing what the Japanese are willing to do in order to get this film she now has, she takes it upon herself to make sure the film will end up in the right hands. She makes friends easily, but she’s determined to find out who her real friends are.  


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