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Trailer Park Boys

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Grew Up… with his grandmother in Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia, Canada. His father left him at the age of 6 – and that was a good thing. Julian had been abused by his alcoholic father, and was happy to be rid of him. Julian was also charged with the responsibility of taking care of Bubbles, a childhood friend who grew up without a family. Julian’s care for Bubbles led him to take on the personality of a father figure, which he continues to express for the entire trailer park to this day.

Living… back in his grandmother’s trailer, after a stint in the slammer. Julian is dead-set on staying out of jail this time, and that’s partially why he has a documentary film crew following him and other members of the trailer park around. He’s trying to go straight, but with his long-time partner in crime Ricky still living in Julian’s old car, staying out of trouble is a lot harder than Julian would’ve hoped.

Profession… a career criminal. Julian would like to think he’s the responsible one in Sunnyvale, but the truth is he’s been arrested just about as many times as Ricky. It’s rare that you’ll see Ricky commit a crime without Julian, in fact, and this is why Julian might never be rid of his old ways.

Interests… drinking. Julian is almost never seen without a drink in his hand. Rum and Coke, thanks for asking. But don’t bother asking if he has a drinking problem; Julian would definitely say no.

Relationship Status… single. Julian has had a number of flings with different girls. He even had a thing with Lucy, Ricky’s girlfriend, during high school. 

Challenge… breaking away from Ricky. Julian is only actively trying to get Ricky out of his hair about half of the time, which is partly why he fails to truly rid himself of his friend. Julian realizes that Ricky is kind of his responsibility, the same way Bubbles is, and it seems like Julian accepts that this challenge might be too great for him to ever overcome.

Personality… semi-responsible and reasonable – at least compared to those around him. Julian solves problems when problems need solving. When he comes back to the park from jail to find another criminal, Cyrus, running things, Julian quickly threatens him and kicks him out, once again reclaiming the park for all kinds of shenanigans and petty crime. That may not sound like good thing, but it’s better to be a lawless hell hole looked after by Julian, than a lawless hell hole under anyone else – especially Cyrus. Long live Julian!

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