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Children of Men

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Grew Up… to be an activist. Julian and her ex-husband, Theo, used to work together in a crusade to right the world’s wrongs, though Theo gave up on all of their old idealistic causes after the death of their son and the break-up of their marriage.

Living… in the end times. In the year 2027, Julian is part of what appears to be the final generation of humans on Earth. Eighteen years ago, in 2009, women stopped having babies (including Julian). The infertility epidemic has caused pandemonium around the globe, and Julian wants to help those being abused by the system.

Profession… leader of the militant immigrants’ rights group, The Fishes. Julian, unlike Theo, never gave up on society. She still fights for the rights of refugees trying to enter the United Kingdom.

Relationship Status… divorced. Though Julian has recently had to call on her cynical ex-husband to help her and The Fishes. Julian finds it difficult to be with her ex because he reminds her of their deceased child. “It’s hard for me to look at you,” she tells Theo. “He had your eyes.”

Challenge… saving the human race. Julian has come across a miracle: one of her young activists has become pregnant. Now, it’s her job to get the expectant mother to The Human Project, a seaborne laboratory, where the young girl can have her baby in (relative) peace.

Personality… tough, dedicated, and headstrong. Julian whole-heartedly believes in her cause, and she’s willing to die if necessary to protect the world’s first pregnant woman in 18 years.

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