Julian Wells
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Julian Wells

Less Than Zero

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About Him

Grew Up… in a wealthy West Los Angeles community. Julian, who grew up living the high life, has always had high ambitions. The only thing that prevented his success was the fact that he was spending most his time, well, high.

Living… on the run from a local drug dealer named Rip. Julian has been running wild since age ten, but this time it’s different. He owes $50,000 to the ruthless Rip.

Profession… aspiring record label owner. After high school, Julian received a generous cash loan from his father to start up his own label, Tone Deaf Records. Things fells apart quickly, though, and now Julian is spending his days getting high on anything he can get his hands on.

Interests… partying, partying and partying. Julian has always ben a free spirit. In order to redeem himself he’s put together a shoddy plan to start his own nightclub.

Relationship Status… shacked up with his best friend’s girlfriend. While Julian’s friend Clay was away at college on the east coast he developed a (very close) friendship with Blair, his beautiful girlfriend, only to be caught in the act when Clay visited for Thanksgiving.

Challenge… getting out the hole he’s dug for himself. Julian has alienated his father, his friends and, of course, his dealer. Now he’s been forced to turn to unspeakable means in order to satisfy his addictions.

Personality… charming, witty, and depressed. Julian was born to have a few laughs and enliven the party, but life in L.A.’s fast lane is proving to be a slippery slope.

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