Julian Noble
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Julian Noble

The Matador

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About Him

Grew Up… whatever his upbringing, it has left Julian unable to form committed relationships and friendships. His accent indicates he is from the United Kingdom, but the rest of his background is mysterious. What is clear is that he has no friends and family – whether because he has lost touch with them over the years, or because he never had any.

Living… in bars and hotels around the world. Julian never settles for long and has no permanent place of residence. Most recently he has travelled to Mexico City on a “job.”

Profession… killer for hire. Julian thinks of himself as a facilitator – a man who gets things done. However, the more common term for his profession is "hit man." He has always been good at his work and is rewarded handsomely for his skill in dispatching the unwanted business rivals of his criminal employers. Julian loves his job, but recently has felt himself aging and feels a little bit burned out. “I need a break,” he tells his handler. “There's no retirement home for assassins, is there? Archery at four. Riflery at five.” 

Interests… alcohol, drugs, and fornication. Julian is honest about his “usual diversions.” He has zero shame when it comes to hitting on young women. 

Relationship Status… single, generally speaking. Julian has no real relationships. He charms women into sleeping with him – or sometimes offers them money – but he has no hope or intention of ever being anything but single. As a result, he sometimes finds himself lonely. 

Challenge… finding a normal life, and maybe a friend. He says, “Just consider me the best cocktail party story you ever met.” Julian’s line of work makes him very interesting and well-travelled. However, it also keeps him from putting down roots, making friends, and connecting to others. Julian’s challenge is to get out of the assassin game and find something worth living for. If he can just make one true friend – something he craves – he might be able to start living a fuller, more normal life.

Personality… flippant, insensitive, and incredibly slick. Julian is terrible at forming personal relationships, and when he does warm up to people, he often gives way to his more defensive, paranoid side. He is a self-described psychopath, and yet it’s hard not to see the puppy dog that lies within.

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