Julia Salinger
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Julia Salinger

Party of Five

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About Her

Living… in San Francisco without her beloved parents who were killed by a drunk driver. So she and her four other siblings are doing the best to raise themselves. 

Profession… student. Julia has always been an ambitious and well-performing student – so much so that she begins to get bored with success and decides to shake things up. 

Interests… poetry. Julia channels her sensitivity and artistic temperament into writing. She teams up with a songwriter who hopes to put her poetry to music. The new collaboration inspires her to write, but she’s crushed by his subsequent criticisms. 

Relationship Status… involved with Griffin. Their long-term relationship has been tumultuous from the outset. Griffin had a troubled childhood and frequently lashes out at Julia whenever a sore spot is breached. The rest of the Salingers dislike him because of his bad boy mentality. Yet, Julia just can’t quit him. He complains about her being controlling; she just can’t bring herself to trust him.

Challenge… gaining control of her life. Julia struggles for control on every front. In the midst of all this, she’s still growing up and trying to find herself.

Personality… intelligent, emotional, and caring. Her sensitive nature makes these tribulations all the more difficult. Nevertheless, she has a good heart, takes care of her siblings, and always gains control before going too far off the rails.

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