Julia Flyte
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Julia Flyte

Brideshead Revisited

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Grew Up… at Brideshead, her family’s aristocratic estate and country house. The eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Marchmain, Julia grew up at the family home with her brothers, Bridey and Sebastian, and little sister, Cordelia. When Julia was still young, her parents separated, with Lord Marchmain leaving for Italy to escape his wife and England. Left to her own devices, Lady Marchmain rules Brideshead as she sees fit, raising her children under her own strict brand of Roman Catholicism.

Living… at Brideshead, among other places. Julia is a lady, and consequently lives between London and her family’s country house. She lives very comfortably, socializing with other young women and staying with friends.

Profession… none, really. A beautiful, wealthy young woman, Julia’s only job in life is to make a good match. She has yet to make her “debut” into Society, but has likely already garnered the attention of suitors-to-be.

Interests… extravagance – like her closest sibling, Sebastian. Her style is somewhat less aesthetic and more urbane than her brother’s, but she does share his taste for fine things.

Relationship Status… single and exquisitely beautiful, though she has not yet had her “coming out."  It isn’t clear whether Julia approves or disapproves of traditional matchmaking or has any particular romantic interests of her own, but Lady Marchmain has made it clear that romance is inconsequential to her future.

Challenge… understanding what she wants from the world of men and money, while maintaining a relationship to her family and her Catholic faith. Despite its pains and difficulties, Julia's upbringing still very much important to her. Now that she has become a young lady, she must find a way to love another person rightly, while staying true to family and to God.

Personality… beautiful and unhurried, but sad. Julia's strong but melancholic temperament suits her beauty, making her all the more alluring. She is capable of cruelty, selfishness, and caprice, but is also capable of great love. There is real feeling in the words she tells a lover, “I’d say my heart were breaking, if I believed in broken hearts.”

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