Julia Braverman-Graham
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Julia Braverman-Graham


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Living... in a beautiful, modern home with her stay-at-home husband Joel Graham and their daughter Sydney. But she spends more of her time at the offices of her stressful law firm.

Profession... lawyer – both in the courtroom and at the family dinner table. She loves to argue almost as much as she loves to win arguments. And when you’ve got that many siblings and spouses in one dining room, disagreements are always on the menu.

Interests… winning, being the best, and beating everyone else. She cares about her daughter, but she’s not always comfortable in the role of a mom. When Joel gets a big contracting gig, Julia takes time off to work from home…until all that free time drives her crazy. As she puts it, “This stay at home parent thing? The full-time thing? Harder than I thought.”

Relationship Status... married to Joel, a kind ex-contractor who is welcomed with open arms by her family, the Braverman clan. Mostly because when they need help around the house, he’s handy with a hammer…but also because he loves Julia and is a great dad.

Challenge... juggling her work life with her home life. It can be tough missing out on playdates and parent-teacher conferences to finish briefs and prep for trials. It’s having a clear effect on Sydney, who seems to prefer Joel to her. Luckily, Joel loves to take on those obligations, which is fine until one of the other moms starts to flirt with him a little too much. Julia’s going to have to put a stop to that. 

Personality... type-A, competitive, and smart. Julia is not one to mess with. But that doesn’t mean she always knows the best way to approach a problem. When she has trouble conceiving a second child with Joel, they decide to adopt. Most would realize asking the pregnant coffee cart girl to buy her unborn child isn’t the best way to go about it, but Julia sees what she wants and goes for it.

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